Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 41: Sun Sept 22nd - County Trail

Day Forty-one:  Family hike and run day. The four of us went on a county trail. It was nice and cool with the threat of rain. We were hoping for a downpour but it passed us by on the East.  This swan, as pretty as she was, was not thrilled with Jax being so close and kept hissing at us.  Jax, on the other hand, thought the swan was very exciting and at one point tried to jump in the pond to 'play'.   

Afterwards we went to the farmers market, bought a bunch of  fruit and vegetables and then paid a visit to our favorite cows.  This brown cow was so friendly, my youngest wanted to take it home.   Now it's time to make some homemade donut holes... yum!

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