Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 31: Thurs Sept 12th - Dream

Day Thirty-One: Cool and sprinkling rain this morning. The clouds hung low again along the Wasatch front and the breeze help keep my feet light on the ground (or so I imagined it to).
Today I didn't bring my dog Jax with me to run. Poor guy was lagging behind yesterday, so I think he could use a little break.
There were so many beautiful things to take a photo of this morning. I had a hard time deciding until I came to this sign which I've seen before usually faded at the top of the trail on my way home.
I've glanced at this sign a hundred times and thought how cute and quaint. But today it stood out having been freshly chalked or touched up with colors. "Dream" says simply. It reminded me that we are never too old to dream. We dream and move towards our goals, experiencing the journey in-between the dream and the accomplishment. Then we dream our next dream.  This is so true with life, goals, races or just simply the act of lacing up our shoes and heading out the door... experiencing the footfalls, beauty, smells, and unique places our feet take us. Then we finish, unlace our shoes, revel in the accomplishment of that day's run... then dream of the next one.

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