Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 38: Thurs Sept 19th - Winter is Coming

Day Thirty-eight: "Winter is coming".....Eh!  Enough of this nonsense! Though the first frost of the year was rather pretty and a bit surprising, (45 degrees this morning) it is a bit too early for my taste. Why won't the weather listen to me?  I supposed I need to go with the flow of the weather, however, I get nervous that Autumn will be gone before I know it and the winter chill and inversions will take it's place until late Spring.  
Running was nice. It was kind of a strange run. Jax seemed rather energetic and antsy. His head turned at every noise on the trial. Then strangely, rising up from the path, the horse pasture with 8-10 horses in it started neighing rambunctiously, all at once, crazy like.  I was too far away to see what was going on with them as I have never heard them get excited all at the same time.  It was almost like there was a nervousness in the air that I wasn't quite catching, but only witnessing. I wish a bit of the energy would have caught hold of my feet, then perhaps I could have ran a little bit faster. My legs and feet were Gumby-like today.
Now here I sit, feeling the chill in my office, sipping my cold energy drink since I'm too lazy to make coffee. I tell myself that I won't drink the damn things, but some days I cave.  Now I think my fingers are turning purple.

 “Nothing burns like the cold.”
George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

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