Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 42: Mon Sept 23rd - Mama Day

*I better check my draft box when I think I've published a page... it appears that on a few occasions it didn't actually publish on that day.
Day Forty-two:
Had another light run today. My daughter ran with me on this 'surprise Monday'. Her and I had a "Mama day".  For explanation, this means that once or twice a school year I surprise one of them with a day home with me (on my day off). We spend the day together cooking and doing fun projects. After our little run we made chocolate chip pumpkin bread.  She did a great job! It was super good warm out of the oven with small amount of butter melting on top.  She is actually learning to cook with me as a part of a school learning project. We are making a recipe book with fun memories and photos, which she will then present to the class in a couple months.  So the 'day off' was educational and yummy too!

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