Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Day 44: Wed Sept 25th - The Fire Before the Storm

Day Forty-four: "The Fire Before the Storm".  I'm pretty sure that is a book title, or at least it should be.  This sunrise was absolutely gorgeous. Again, the photo doesn't do it justice, but the sunrise was beautiful while it lasted.  We have 2-3 days of rain and cold coming our way, along with snow in the mountains and possibly foothills (if we are lucky).  I know, I know.... it is a bit early for snow, but the first snowfall is always exciting. I can be patient however. This morning was absolutely perfect.  It was cool, not humid and other than Jax refusing to go around a pile of what I am assuming to be fox diarrhea, it was a morning that reaffirms why I run everyday.  As for the paw to poo...... "SPLAT"... Jax back foot hit dead center in the middle of a large pile of shit, and the worst kind of poop. I even exclaimed briefly "You dumb dog!" when he refused to go around on the path. My tone was funny in nature, or so I thought until I got a glare from someone walking along the path. Oh well.... it wasn't THEIR dog who just coated his foot with runny green goo. To top it off the river was virtually dry and not helpful in my effort to clean up his paw.  *sigh*.
Here is the photo of the sunrise.    Good thing I took a picture of the sunrise as opposed to the paw.... Gross!!

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