Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 43: Tues Sept 24th - Colors of Autumn

Day Forty-three:
After a few lighter days of running it felt good to have a longer run this morning.  Over the weekend I felt that my body (and feet) was screaming at me to take it easy. So I listened. While still running, I ran a bit slower and shorter. I also gave Jax a few days off. 
Today we rocked it!  My feet felt light and my legs fast.  
The temperature was chilly at first (48 degrees) but perfect.  The colors of Autumn are popping up everywhere. The glorious yellows, deep reds in contrast with the remaining dark greens are beautiful. Today is supposed to be a hotter day, 87... but there is a storm-a-comin'!  :)  Yay! I love stormy weather.

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