Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 40: Sat Sept 21st - Happy Day

Day Forty: As per this balloon it's ...Happy Day! 
 I know I should stop counting down as it makes the goal that much more daunting... but 325 more days to go!    Jax didn't come with me this morning. He was a tired doggy.  So I didn't end up on the trails and just ran the neighborhoods.  Which was fine, with the exception that my mp3 died 10 minutes in. Though I enjoy running with silence and my thoughts from time to time, I sure as hell much prefer music in one ear to keep me moving on tempo.  Lately I have been listening a bunch to MUSE and Flogging Molly on repeat. I find that the music helps cancel out my thoughts, helping me to run in the moment. Without it, I tend to wrestle with my minds to-do lists, bills, making plans etc...
My favorite song of the moment is Invincible.  If you haven't heard it, you must.  The message is uplifting and full of strength.  Warning... the video it pretty trippy but the lyrics are 

*this post was stuck in draft... I didn't know until today (Monday)

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