Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 36: Tues Sept 17th - Growing Despite Adversity

Day Thirty-six:  The little sunflower who could. I want to find something inspirational and uplifting so say about this little flower.  Growing in a large field of greenery and weeds. Growing despite adversity. It's a perfect opportunity to write something fun and uplifting... right?!  But despite having a decent run this morning... I am not feeling so happy-go-lucky. In all truth I am  naturally a serious type of person. Not mean, not overly happy and sometimes downright... pissy.  It is my goal to change that.  Doing this blog and taking these photos have seemed to help so far. With the exception of this morning. It's funny how emotions and outlook change from moment to moment.  I have no concrete reason why I am not as joyful this morning. I usually feel pretty good after my run. Perhaps it's stress.  Perhaps it is lack of sleep.  Perhaps it's because I caught a glimpse of another 90 + degree day forecast on the news this morning. (yuck). Regardless the reason(s), what it comes down to is remembering that I choose to be happy or pissy in each moment.  Like this flower, I can be brave, beautiful and confident. I can rise above the weeds and smile at the sun.. even on a 90 degree day.

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  1. Know what you mean Celeste. Like it....and just wanted to say 'Thanks' for visiting my Blog.