Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 117: Sat Dec 7th - Mr. Sandman... you're doing it wrong.

Day One Hundred-seventeen: 
Mr. Sandman.... you're doing it wrong.
It appears the Sandman was confused last night.  Instead of helping with sweet dreams and good sleep (of which I had zero), he spread sand throughout the streets.  Now while this was helpful for the roads this morning as they weren't near as slippery, it didn't help that I felt like a stumbling zombie. Bleary eyed, zoned out and oh so tired.
I am working on maybe 1-2 hours of sleep. If I can call it that. 
Not sure where my restlessness came from. We've all been there of course. So I won't grumble too much.
On a good note, it was not as cold this morning (20 degrees as opposed to 7). I'll take that. Much better than the past couple of days.  More snow on the way today however, so it looks like I will have a day of shoveling the property I manage. Fun! ((groan))
So now I'm amped up on coffee and kale smoothie. 
Should be an interesting day.    

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