Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 121: Wed Dec 11th - 1/3 Way There!

Day One Hundred Twenty-One:
1/3 Completed and finding the positive in the air.
Today marks 1/3 of the way toward my goal, not that I'm counting (yeah...right :) However, time feels like it's gone by pretty fast. Especially with the holidays and staying busy.  Not quite as cold this morning. Jax had fun and was bounds of energy.  He nearly knocked me flat in the snow once we got to the top of the hill where the snow was pretty deep. I'm pretty sure he thought the deeper snow meant it was play time and he bounced up and down trying to wrestle and chase me.  His head butted behind my knee and when I yelped in surprise and a twinge of pain, he settled back down with head held low, standing behind me with a pitiful look of sorry on his face.  Luckily I was fine and told him so, then we headed off running again. Silly dog.
Trying to find the bright side of the winter air is not easy, especially today.  I could literally taste the air when I first headed out. It tasted a mixture of burnt toast and exhaust. Once I got higher, it wasn't as bad.  
Positive:  ------------------------------>
The mucky air makes for pretty sunsets. This was taken last night.
 <-------------------------- Negative.
The bad air killed one of Santa's baby reindeer while she was out practicing her flying last night, and the wild dogs hiding in the trees carted off the body for dinner, 
Okay, not really. But from far away, this branch looked like an antler and that is the story my sleep deprived brain imagined as I was running.
Time for coffee.

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