Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 120: Tues Dec 10th - What the fox DOESN'T say.

Day One Hundred-twenty:  
Rebel am I and what the fox doesn't say.

I will not continue to bitch about the cold, it serves no purpose to do so. But yep, it was cold again.
The fox(es) in the forest - who I still haven't heard say a word - obviously love the cold weather. I see them scurrying about, red bushy tails trailing behind them. Occasionally they will glance my way as if to say "what the hell are you doing here lady.."  At least that is what I imagine they are saying to themselves when I humanize them.  They are beautiful though. Much easier to see in contrast to the snow, still not easy to take a photo of however.  Funny enough, even their poop is a reddish / yellow and littered all around the path / trails.  I can hardly get mad at them for not picking up after themselves however. So to answer the question from my standpoint. The fox say absolutely nothing, but their thoughts are interesting and somewhat surprising to listen to.

I'm pretty sure this doesn't apply to me :)

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