Friday, December 20, 2013

Day 129: Thurs Dec 19th - Freezing Rain and Snow Bombs

Snapped a photo of the
mini snow bombs
Day One Hundred Twenty-nine: 
A single snowflake. Wish
I had a good close up. The detail
was beautiful.
Freezing rain, snow pellet bombs and 15 hour power outage...

Fun couple miles despite being pelted with mini snow bombs. They were coming down fast for several minutes, stinging my face and hands before slowing letting up and turning into heavy snow flakes. Traffic was crawling and the roads were in bad shape.
Unfortunately I was not able to post this yesterday. There was a pole fire down the road that knocked off power for the next 15 hours. It was restored late last night.
It's amazing how much we rely on electricity. Makes me thankful and appreciate the luxury we have with lights, heat, etc... and the power company who worked their butts off yesterday to fix the damaged areas affected by the big storm. Thank you!

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