Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 115: Thurs Dec 5th - "It's a marshmallow world..."

Day One Hundred-fifteen:    "It's a marshmallow world..." 

As silly as it may sound, listening to Dean Martin Christmas album on my mp3 while running in 9 degree temperatures, helps me forgot how bitter cold it is.  I find it impossible to be in a bad mood listening to him sing Marshmellow World.  It lightens my (careful) footfalls across the frozen ice and snow carpeting the roads and feels like dancing.
I can't resist branching off and sinking again in the snow path above the usual rocky trail, it's so pretty and peaceful.  No cars, no people.... just me, the snow, footprints of numerous animals who live in this little forest hideaway scurrying about and Marshmellow World. 
I challenge you.
Try listening to this song and not feel happy
      (or crave some sort of warming cocktail). 
 Happy frosty holidays :)

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  1. Loved this one, Celeste....Reid and I sat by the fire this morning listening to Dean Martin's Christmas particular "It's a Marshmellow World"....I played it for Sofia as I drove her to school yesterday and she loved it as well....Happy Holidays to you and your family....Love, Molly