Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day 122: Thurs Dec 12th - My Peace and Therapy

Day One Hundred Twenty-two: 
My peace and therapy.
This is my peace, my quiet and my therapy. This is where my thoughts and feelings are filtered, processed and either discarded or put into action while my feet make an automatic rhythmic sound running below me on the frozen ground. 
This place is where my heart cries or sings with joy, without worry about appearing foolish or pitiful. 
When I start out in search of this place each morning, there are times I feel unsure, unwilling and sometimes fragile or lost. Sometimes I am just merely tired or have feelings of doubt or frustration. And yet other times I am neutral enjoying the solitude of the moment and excited to experience what is before me. 
But no matter how I start off when I come to this place,  I always leave feeling confident, sure, strong and happy.
This place is magic.
It is mine and with me always. 
I just need to remember.


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