Monday, December 2, 2013

Day 112: Mon Dec 2nd - Calm Before the Storm

Day One Hundred-twelve:          Calm Before the Storm.

Great run, calm mild morning. Change is coming soon (eeek!) We have a "major winter storm" approaching (according to The Weather Channel, national and local news programs).  Winter Storm Cleon is on it's way! This time tomorrow will 'potentially' result in a bitter cold and snow, lot's of snow. By the way, as much as I love weather and storms, I find it somewhat silly to name a snow storm. Just sayin'.
On one hand I look forward to the snow, change of season...... on the other... not so much. I've quite enjoyed the cool (but not too cold) temperatures while not having to worry about ice / slush and snow.  But regardless how much I resist, the weather is changing. So I will change my mindset and just "do snow".  In preparation I am washing my cold weather running gear in anticipation for tomorrow morning. And by 'winter running gear', what I mean is:  a pair of black thermal pants I wear over my shorts,  my long sleeve tech shirts which I double up on if needed, an old fleece vest,  thin gloves and fleece hat. It works. 
Not stylish, but it keeps me warm...kind of.             Bring on the snow! 

On another note. This sweet Christmas tree -------------------------------------------->
is mid-way on the trail. For the past few years (and possibly longer) a person (or family) has hiked down, skipped up the hill side opposite the trail and lovingly decorated this tree with ornaments, personalized notes and even with battery operated lights for night time. 
The first year I saw this tree it had a beloved pet stocking in the middle with a name on it (I forget the name but at the time I took a photo). Ever since that first time I saw it, I have pictured someone decorating that tree in their best friends memory.  Perhaps a beloved pet dog who used to hike with them through that very forest.  I can sense the love they must have for him/her, the memories they recall while hanging each streamer and bulb and how much they must miss them. Regardless of the real story behind this tree....  it brings a (somewhat sad) smile to my face and reminds me that our own furry best friends are here for such a short time and we must love and care for them as they undoubtedly and unconditionally love and care for us. Because if their loved pet was anything like our dog Jax, he has shown us nothing but joy, no matter our own moodiness.  He is always there to greet the day with his large butt / tail wag, enthusiasm for the moment and his pure love for his human family.... oh and his love (obsession) for food...., but that is another post. 

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