Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Day 127: Tues Dec 17th - Icicles

One Hundred Twenty-seven (million) Icicles....
They are everywhere. Hanging from trees, fenceposts, car pipes, bushes, mailboxes, telephone poles, houses, barns, windows and even noses (especially if you have a drippy one when you are outside in the bitter cold).  Funny enough,  these two particular icicles waved to me this morning as I was going by. The sunlight cresting over the mountains hit them just right sending a shimmer of light that bounced off my sunglasses and I quickly took notice. How they sparkled as they started melting. Which got me to thinking.... Icicles are another great reminder of impermanence. They grow, drip away, grow again and one day are gone.  All life and things around us are impermanent. Therefore we must remind ourselves to stop, take a deep breath and notice.

Listen. Smell. See. Taste. Appreciate. Enjoy. Love.
To do these things is to carry it with you, even when they are gone.
Like my icicle friends.

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