Monday, December 16, 2013

Day 126: Mon Dec 16th - Busy Day

One Hundred Twenty-six:  
Quick and easy morning.... busy day.

Christmas is coming too soon!  I'm sure that sentiment is shared by many people who are bustling around getting ready, baking, wrapping and a million other things while also trying to enjoy the holidays and focus on the beauty of the season.
Was a little stiff from my long run yesterday, so kept it short and sweet, taking it easy this morning.
Muscles were a little tight but otherwise felt good. 
Now back from errands I think I will throw on a holiday movie and start making my homemade mini-meatballs and other goodies to freeze.  I think I love cooking more than running! If only I had a magic fairy to clean my kitchen when I'm finished. I'm a messy cook!

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