Thursday, October 31, 2013

Day 80: Thurs Oct 31st - Happy Halloween

Day Eighty: Happy Halloween!

Super quick and fast run. Just shy of 30 minutes, but I was in a hurry. Lot's to do!  But hey... it's Halloween!  Up early, get kids ready for their school celebrations, watch Halloween parade, run to Target for work candy and supplies for Halloween give-outs and of course, dress the dog. Poor thing. I've never actually dressed Jax up... but this is a surprise for my girls when I pick them up from school.  They will get a kick out of it. Jax wasn't sure what to make out of 'wearing' something. He's never had more than a brief cape or hat on in his life. After giving him a treat, he didn't seem to care.
He's going trick or treat with us tonight. Hopefully this year he doesn't try to chase after cats hiding in the bushes like he did last year. 
Be safe and happy running!

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