Monday, October 14, 2013

Day 63: Mon Oct 14th - Is this Heaven? I think so.

Day Sixty-three: Leaves, leaves and more leaves
Need I say more?!  I'm surpised I managed to run as quickly as I did today as I wanted to stop and marvel at the bright and amazing colors surrounding the hillside. It was incredible. Some of the trails up here are really closed in and you become enveloped in leaves and the smells of fall.
I wanted to memorize the beauty, jump into the leaves and make a blanket out of them, basking in their fantastic ranges of deep red, orange, bright and almost fluorescent yellows in a background of deep green.
 My phone camera doesn't capture how beautiful it is in person.  Sadly, the photo below was a bright carpet of Autumn colors, but came out blurry and muted.
Have you been able to enjoy the Autumn season falling around you? If not, you must. It goes away too fast.  Soon the snows will arrive with it's own version of beautiful.