Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 75: Sat Oct 26th - Haunted Run

Day Seventy-five: Haunted run, miscalculated race and beer

 Ran the Haunted 5k with the girls and family.  The race was pretty disorganized initially, but what was even more funny was that it was actually 4.1 miles. We've run enough 3 miles to know that it certainly was marked longer or someone made a mistake mapping out the course.  I've made a pact to try and not care about mileage and time for my blog... this race certainly challenged my runners instinct to want to know precisely to the 1/10 of a mile... how far we ran.   LOL  Afterwards we mapped the run and came up with 4.1 and 4.3 between me and my sister-in-law Kristin. But, it was still fun to get out and run with the family.  Kristin and her daughter Grace were black cats, Izzy and I were Christmas girls, Siena was a devil and Justin simply wore a witches hat and a long black cape; which made no sense to me until I was working on my 2nd pitcher of beer, (he was a warlock apparently.. with much debate).  

Happy Haunted Racing everyone! 


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