Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 70: Mon Oct 21st - Seventy Sniffles

Day Seventy:  Seventy Sniffles

Yay 70!.. Boo sniffles :(  I hate to admit I am starting to fight some kind of evil nasty.  My nose and head are feeling blah. As for today's run, despite the sniffles, it was good, if a little chilly. I cannot get enough of the bold gift of colors given to us by nature. I'm at awe with each turn on the trail and find I could take photos all day.  Time to grab some zinc, make a super smoothie and then drink some hot tea. Girls are back in school after an active 4 day Autumn break. Our race is this Saturday, though we still haven't decided on what our costumes will be...?   Any ideas?


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