Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 56: Mon Oct 7th - Dog Park Run

Day Fifty-six:  Fun morning!  Girls were off school due to 'teacher work day', so we went to the large trail dog park and ran together.  Jax played at the rivers end with a multitude of dogs and had a blast.  There we saw a cute pit bull fearless dog jumping and sliding down a large cement river ledge that was at least 12-15 ft high and very steep, over and over.   Jax whined with excitement trying to gear up to follow the pit to the top.  Finally after several minutes, Jax overcame his anxiousness and ran up...  once at the top the look on his face screamed "oh shit!" and bow legged he had no choice but to slide down.  The girls and I laughed.  It was quite a sight!  I wish I could have gotten the moment on video to post. It was very funny. 
Afterwards Jax was having no more of that!  LOL

The weather and the trees were beautiful. We saw a young squirrel chirping at us.
On the way back,  Siena full bodied turfed it, but handled the jarring fall, scratches and pain like a trooper. 
Now time to do more baking and projects. Love days like this! 


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