Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 78: Tues Oct 29th - Rainy Sunshine Coming Down

Day Seventy-eight: Rainy sunshine coming down.

Weather couldn't make up it's mind this morning. Between rain, cloudy, windy, calm and sunshine.
A mixed bag. Almost didn't bring Jax since I gave him a bath yesterday and he was so nice and clean smelling... instead of wet dog.  Funny enough, once I started getting my gear on, he got right up from his bed and went to the door. So he either needed to "go" (as in potty) or he wanted to go running... not sure, so took him anyway.  It was a nice, quick couple of miles at a good pace.

*my daily photo is not uploading :(  I will post as soon as I get it to work.

It was much cooler in person. (is cooler a word?) 

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