Sunday, October 13, 2013

Day 62: Sun Oct 13th - Breaking Bad

Day Sixty-two:  Breaking Bad, beer and morning rain.
Rainy run, my favorite!  Seriously, it's true.. I love rain and running in it! Good thing I found a plastic bag in my jacket to seal up my phone as I wasn't quite prepared for the rain.  The one time I wasn't obsessively checking my weather phone app to see what to anticipate, it pours. I went out in my short sleeve running shirt, shorts and other gear in hand.  1/2 way on my route, rain started pouring down, but it was a mild temperature and lovely out. It was a fun surprise. 
Last night was unusual as I stayed up very late (for me), drank a few beers and watched the first four episodes season one of Breaking Bad (great show by the way), finally fell asleep after a restless time getting comfortable and dreamed a small snippet of a dream...that I was holding chemistry equipment, feeling confused about how to start a batch of meth to make money and I kept looking for Walter White (main character) to help me figure it out .  It was bizarre. 

Anyone watch Breaking Bad?  


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