Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Day 79: Wed Oct 30th - Lunchtime Fox Ambush

Day Seventy-nine: Lunchtime ambush, ear worms, foxes and afternoon therapy run.

Sitting peacefully in my office, working, making progress on my day while planning my lunchtime run...when suddenly the phone rings. The voice explains that they are coming (corporate) to film me for the holiday party and I have to lip synch to "What does a fox say".

HOLY... WHAT THE  !$!#!... was nearly my response.  I held back and begrudgingly replied "Today, really today?  To WHAA.....? 
I had heard OF the song but had never listened to the song.  
"Be there in 15 minutes" they said.. "Better YouTube it". 
Shit!  was my response (whispered to self as I hung up the phone).   So I Googled and watched the viral video that had already been viewed more than 174 MILLION times.

Afterwards... with head down, hand holding forehead... I *sighed* as I looked back at the video and reviewed the 6 lines I had to memorize before the shoot, in what was now 9 minutes.

They arrive, brought props... (yay me). On with tail, bow tie and ears ...I grabbed a stuffed animal fox and followed them to the hillside East of the property. I tried to ham up my enthusiasm the best my little introverted self could muster.  

Now I am stuck with an earworm.  For those who don't know what an ear worm is...

Earworm:   An earworm is a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person's mind after it is no longer playing.

Luckily I saved my run for the afternoon, so was able to shake off the worm and run out my post embarrassment anxiety and here I sit.  But all is well. I'm a good sport (though I loath such experiences). 

<---------- couldn't resist...

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