Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 74: Fri Oct 25th - Flowers before the Frost

Day Seventy-four:
Flowers before the frost.

The weather the past week or longer has been wonderful.
Forecasters say we only have a few more days before a bitter cold front comes along and sends a harsh goodbye to the remaining summer / fall flowers who have managed to stay alive so far. I thought I'd give them a farewell photo.

With the weather changing, I need to search out some long running pants for the upcoming winter season. On a couple of mornings last week I had to wear my black thermals to keep warm (you know.. the ones that look like long johns with 3 small buttons on laughing.) Yeah.. I'm not proud nor do I give a !$#@ about being fashionable while running, but they are cotton and though initially they are warm, they are not conducive to wear during bitter winter runs. 

Today's run left me feeling like this ------------------------- >
It was fast and short, but left me feeling the buzz of a fabulous run.
Great morning.

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