Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 65: Wed Oct 16th - Frozen Leaves and Thorns

Day Sixty-five:  Frozen leaves, thorns and an ouch.
Frost covered most things this morning, including the thorns Jax's feet seem to be highly attracted to.  The thorns are plaguing him more lately. As if the little buggers come out of hiding in the frozen ground and seek his warm paw bed to attach to, bringing us abruptly to a halt. Again and again, the routine is whip lash from the dead  stop mid-stride (as if I'm that fast.. ha!), affected paw up in the air, stretching the hamstrings as I bend and flick off the evil prickly thing and then off we go again... only to another HALT!!              Stop... Repeat. *sigh*
My ouch is actually more concerning as the right side of my right foot has been aching badly the past two days. I worry about developing a stress facture, as frankly, that would be a pain to deal with right now. While I run, it doesn't hurt as much once I'm warmed up, but if I land on that side, due to the uneven trails, it is instant pain.  Afterwards it is a dull ache all day.
I wrap it, ice it, ibuprofen it and the biggest feat of all, is ignore it. 
Any ideas on how to help, prevent and heal this area? (besides not running of course... as that isn't an option.. foolish as it may be ;)


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