Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 51: Wed Oct 2nd - Top Ten Autumny Things

Day Fifty-one: Holy Moly October is here!  As I've mentioned too many times before, Autumn is my favorite time of year. So I was thinking, while out running, of my top ten favorite 'Autumny' things:

1) Homemade chocolate chip cookies with hot coffee in a nice mug.
2) Reading / watching potentially stormy weather reports with excitement.
3) Down Comforters and fleece blankets.
4) Fuzzy socks and my favorite sweatshirt.
5) Trail running or hiking while kicking leaves or collecting them.
6) A good novel.
7) Bubble baths after a cold day outside.
8) Cooking with fresh ingredients just purchased at our local farmers market.
9) Teaching my daughters how to cook and learn about food and what is in season.
10) Anticipating the holidays, crafts, decorating and glorious smells Autumn brings us.

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