Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 61: Sat Oct 12th - Baby Horse

Day Sixty-one:                                                      Nice afternoon run. 

I have to admit, this morning, when my alarm went off at just after 6 a.m.....  I slacked.  I pushed snooze on my phone and slept till I had to get ready for work. This is the first time in FOREVER that I ran in the afternoon as opposed to the morning. In the long run, sleeping that extra bit didn't really help as I felt groggy all day until I ran after work. My brain won this morning. However, after work it did feel good to get out on such a beautiful afternoon.  Siena ran with me on the trail. We dodged large dragonflies while on the look out for werewolves hiding in the brush.  Came across mama and baby horse in the pasture.  Baby was very curious about us and kept slowly walking to the fence line when we slowed down.  Mama horse walked over and nudged her out of the way as if to say "nope.. leave them humans alone" and then she stood at her side till we walked away.  Tomorrow supposed to be rainy... I can't wait!  I love running in the rain :)

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