Sunday, October 27, 2013

Day 76: Sun Oct 27th - Early Morning Rock Star

Day Seventy-six:  Early morning rock star!

Bright and early run with Izzy. Played at the park then back home again.  What a trooper! She woke up earlier than expected and wanted to join me on a run, which I always love. Izzy bounds with amazing amounts of energy considering she's 9 and ran the Haunted 5k yesterday morning (that actually ended up being a 6k... long story), now less than 24 hours later and she's running again, piece of cake.
Afterwards went to the last regular farmers market for the season to pick up some vegetables, green tomatoes, fresh garlic, kale and our favorite green salsa!  yum!
Now time to clean a bit, cook and best of all, relax on this gorgeous warm Autumn day.
Later on we will carve some pumpkins.

I hear a storm is on the horizon! 

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