Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 77: Mon Oct 28th - Tale of Two Brains

Day Seventy-seven: Tale of two brains.

Brain One: Let's go! 
Brain Two: Really?? Again?  What are you doing?
Brain One: Shut it. It is beautiful outside.  

 (pulls out phone, takes photo of sunrise and yellow clouds)

Brain Two: It's windy, your contacts will get dust in them. Your legs are tired.  You...
Brain One: Enough. 
Brain Two: Seriously, you don't have to prove anything. 
Brain One: Just because. I don't have a reason. I just love it.
Brain Two: Watch it!  (tripping on a rock) See... you're tired.
Brain One: Be quiet... geez! I'm trying to focus.

                (ladies walking dog off leash, Jax breaks concentration and pulls to take a butt sniff)

Brain Two:  Grrrrrr those ladies should have their dogs on leash! I wonder if they will pick up their poop.
Brain One:  Be nice. They are walking in the woods, kicking the leaves, it is beautiful... it's okay. 

Brain Two:  Look.... fresh poo... I wonder if it is from them. Grrrrr
Brain One: What is UP with you today??!  Gee... this is fun! The wind is nice, it's perfect temperature and with the storm and cold front coming, just enjoy it okay?!

Brain Two:  *grumble*

Brain One:  I love this song.             (steps up the pace)
Brain Two:  Oh look... the ladies again. Same dang dogs. Why don't people follow the rules.. this isn't off leash.
Brain One:  Look how beautiful this path is. I should take a picture. 
Brain Two:  How many photos do you need??
Brain One: I could snap a zillion photos.  Like this one (taking photo of a purple flower). 

Brain Two:  Okay... maybe it's nice. But take it easy.

Brain One:  Jax is such a good boy, he looks so happy.

Brain Two:  You're right. 

Brain One:  I feel great. Those inserts are really helping my feet. 
  (pushing repeat on awesome song)
I feel alive and happy.  This is why I do it.

Brain Two:  It doesn't make sense.
Brain One:  It makes sense to me. 


  1. Did you get the Orthoheel Regular inserts I recommended? Whatever you got, I'm glad they're working.
    Happy running....

    1. Yep, I got them. They have worked great! Thanks again for the suggestion :)