Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Day 71: Tues Oct 22nd - Poor Snake

Day Seventy-one:  Cold blues, poor snake and more sunshine.


Still feeling blah... damn cold, but I'm better off than this poor guy.  

Not exactly an inspirational type photo... but it's not every day you nearly step on a recently run over snake. yuck. 
Jax was very interested in sniffing his guts. 

On  occasion I am lucky enough to see a live snake basking on warm rocks, a fox running from brush to brush, deer and other animal tracks frequently leaving clues in the dirt and sand. I love to catch a glimpse of the diverse wildlife along the trails, sadly a glimpse is all I get and *poof*... they are gone before I am able to get my camera out.  

Back to the deceased snake. It's a bummer when I find an animal that faced a sudden demise. I would usually never take a gross photo, but today. I did. 

Quite appropriate for the near Halloween holiday. Boo! 

                                                     The sunshine is beautiful outside.   

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