Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 60: Fri Oct 11th - Funny Guy, not Funny Cold

Day Sixty: 

Happy feet :)  Fun quick run. 
 Cold-ish but nice out. 
I'm not sure who painted this funny guy on the storage door of this little building off the trail, but it makes me smile when I glance at it.  He points in the direction that I am going and I nod as if to say "yep... I'm heading that way".

It has been a fun sixty days. I think that I am going to add to my challenge.
Starting day sixty-one I am going to run the next 30 days on the guidance of this book I just purchased. 
My family is just getting over a bad cold that wiped them out and I can feel myself fighting tooth and nail to keep it at bay. So I figured, why not do everything in my power to fuel my body with good nutrition, and day 61 is a perfect day to start.  It also keeps things interesting and fun for my brain :)

Time to make my list for Wholefoods, Sprouts market and Sunday's farmers market.  I think I will reverse that order and make Wholefoods last... as that place can be dangerous to my pocketbook.
A funny read:

Any tips on fighting these nasty cold viruses that jump up for attention this time of year?

Have you tried / or are you a vegetarian / vegan runner? I'm open to any great recipes as I love to cook. :)


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