Thursday, October 24, 2013

Day 73: Thurs Oct 24th - Sweet Reeds

Day Seventy-three:
"Sweet reeds are made of this...who am I to disagree."
Hopefully I've given you a daily earworm that you will hum all day long. You're welcome.
If not and my play on the song escapes you, thank me... as it is not that good of a song anyway.
Fun morning run. Not much else. I'm running out of things on my route to take photos of, so I must be more creative.  The river was a bit higher today which was nice to listen to.  I'm hoping for a strong winter mountain snow season. Not only do we need it to fill up our reservoirs, but the Spring run off filling the main rivers will be strong, powerful and quite a sight / sound to behold.
Two more days until our Halloween fun run 5k.  Still haven't decided on costumes... Time is running out!

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